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“Last March, 25-year-old East Village institution, Puebla Mexican Food, was forced to close from a rent hike. Emblematic of the restaurant world’s circle of life, Villa Cemita, a café focused on the fare of Mexico's central Puebla region, was simultaneously launching a block away. Villa Cemita has since transformed from café to full-service restaurant, allowing proprietor Alejandra Aco to offer a wider variety of national cuisine as well as some lesser known Puebla dishes from her childhood.”

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CBS 2's Dining Deal visited Villa Cemita

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s…Super Cemita

“If you’re going to name your restaurant after a sandwich, it’d better be a beauty. Luckily, Villa Cemita in New York’s East Village delivers. The owner hails from Puebla, Mexico, the home of one of the best sandwiches we know of: the cemita.

A cousin of the better-known torta, cemitas are, well, stackedYou’ll often see cemitas with ten ingredients or more. A good cemita will have chicken or steak, avocado, beans, cheese, chipotle, the cilantro-like papalo — and the list goes on. Making a cemita is an exercise in construction, as much as flavor; with so many layers, a steady hand is key.  And the “Super Cemita Poblano” at Villa Cemita excels on all fronts.” 

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Get Your Grasshopper Taco Fix at New York’s Villa Cemita

“Grasshopper tacos may not be a “new” thing, but they are new at Villa Cemita, where they made their debut last month.

Before we got there, my friend Holly texted me and offered, “Maybe it’ll be just like escargot?”

Dear Holly: it was not like escargot……. .”

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Villa Cemita Spices Up its Poblano Cuisine in The East Village

“With the weird fluctuation of the weather outside, it is good to find a foodie place that will keep you warm and your palate satisfied with a side of spice.  This can be said for Villa Cemita, which is located in the heart of the East Village on Avenue A, a short couple of blocks away from the F train.  Villa Cemita boasts some pretty delicious Poblano Cuisine, in an intimate and beautiful setting.  We stopped by Villa Cemita, which has only been opened for about a year, last night to see what all the fuss was about and we were quite pleased with the end result.”

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Para Alejandra Aco todos los días en NYC son 5 de mayo

“MANHATTAN, Nueva York.- En el 1998, Alejandra Aco dejó el estado mexicano de Puebla y con sus hijos de cinco y seis años cruzó la frontera, porque estaba segura de que en la Ciudad de Nueva York lograría convertirse en una empresaria exitosa; casi dos décadas después puede decir que lo ha conseguido.."



Behold the East VIllage’s Super Cemita Poblano

“When it comes to Mexican sandwiches, restraint is not an ingredient. Consider the creations of Corona’s Galdino “Tortas” Neza, the largest of which, The Pumas contains a larder’s worth of ingredients, including a chorizo omelet, fried hot dogs, and a deep-fried chicken cutlet. The humongous hoagie calls to mind the adage: Never eat anything bigger than your head. Good as his tortas are there’s one sandwich you won’t find on the Mexico City born and bred chef’s menu: the cemita Poblana. That’s because it’s a specialty of Puebla. In fact I’ve never had a good version of this sandwich until I tried the Super Cemita Poblana at Villa Cemita in the East Village.”

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Villa Cemita, Alphabet City, NYC

“If you’re looking for an unusual place for brunch in the city, I suggest heading to Alphabet City for the bottomless brunch at Villa Cemita. There’s a $29 unlimited cocktails (mimosa, white or red sangria or margaritas) for 1.5 hours or $39 for 2 hours including food.”

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