If you’re going to name your restaurant after a sandwich, it’d better be a beauty. Luckily, Villa Cemita in New York’s East Village delivers. The owner hails from Puebla, Mexico, the home of one of the best sandwiches we know of: the cemita.
— Food & Wine
When it comes to Mexican sandwiches, restraint is not an ingredient. Consider the creations of Corona’s Galdino “Tortas” Neza, the largest of which, The Pumas contains a larder’s worth of ingredients, including a chorizo omelet, fried hot dogs, and a deep-fried chicken cutlet.
— Telemundo
Grasshopper tacos may not be a “new” thing, but they are new at Villa Cemita, where they made their debut last month.
Before we got there, my friend Holly texted me and offered, “Maybe it’ll be just like escargot?”
Dear Holly: it was not like escargot…….
— The Daily Meal
Last March, 25-year-old East Village institution, Puebla Mexican Food, was forced to close from a rent hike. Emblematic of the restaurant world’s circle of life, Villa Cemita, a café focused on the fare of Mexico’s central Puebla region, was simultaneously launching a block away. Villa Cemita has since transformed from café to full-service restaurant, allowing proprietor Alejandra Aco to offer a wider variety of national cuisine as well as some lesser known Puebla dishes from her childhood.
— TimeOut NewYork